The objectives of Bugattisektionen is to carry out the objectives of Automobilhistoriska Klubben (AHK), i.e. to protect and preserve the cultural heritage that motor cars constitute, with special focus on the Bugatti brand and related matters. Bugattisektionen shall promote this objective through contacts with corresponding international organizations. The members of Bugattisektionen shall also contribute in order that Bugatti motor cars are restored and increasing specimens of Bugatti cars are used on Swedish roads. As the number of service points for Bugatti cars is limited in Sweden, over the years valuable knowledge of the vehicles' design and maintenance has been built up within Bugattisektionen.

The number of members vary from year to year between 40 and 50. Membership is granted by election based on vehicle ownership or expressed interest in the history or technology of the brand.

Bugattisektionen possesses an archive of Bugatti relaterad literature. It is mostly stored in AHK's library in Stockholm and continuously supplemented.

Over the past five years, Bugattisektionen pushed the creation of a Nordic Bugatti Register, written in English. It is the first document of its kind and includes a comprehensive upgrade of the Swedish Bugatti Register that exists since 1967 in the Swedish magazine Autohistorica, No. 2/67. For the other Nordic countries no corresponding documentation has been produced before.

Further details are provided under the Nordic Bugatti Register menu to the left.

The work with the Nordic Bugatti Register has in a natural way increased the contacts with our Danish and Norwegian Bugatti friends. So far this has resulted in common Nordic Bugatti meetings in Köping and Oslo.

Section leader: Carl Anders Magnusson

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